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Me to myself: Nah, December 28 is a fine time to start finally reading Ahsoka by E. K. Johnston. After all, we don't even have confirmed proof that Leia ever met Ahsoka. I'm sure this can't possibly have any Leia feels...

(totally forgets that Bail Organa is a minor character)

Page 190:
He risked a glance sideways to be sure his daughter was distracted by the fish and then opened the latest of his secret files. It was encrypted, of course, but he had it decoded soon enough. He looked sideways again. The trouble with adopting the child of two prodigies was that there was a decent chance she would turn out to be unusually intelligent, too. He was reasonably certain that Leia hadn't learned to read while he was on Coruscant for the last senatorial session, but with her, he could never be sure. He wouldn't be able to keep her out of the mess forever, but he and Breha had agreed they should keep her clear of it at least until she could reliably speak in coherent sentences.

Page 191:
He still dreamed of that night, when the Temple had burned. Sometimes he was able to get the Padawan into his speeder in time. Sometimes the clones shot him, too, when they shot the boy. Every once in a while, he failed to rescue Yoda and woke in a cold sweat, with the sounds of blasters and lightsabers echoing in his ears and visions of a tiny, broken green body haunting him. When he had the dream on Coruscant, there was nothing he could do about it except accept his defeat and yet another night of lost sleep. When he had the dream on Alderaan, he would get Leia out of her bed, hold her close to his chest, and hope against hope that she exhibited only her mother's gifts, not her father's. He would stand there, cradling her until Breha found them and guided them both back to bed.

Page 192:
He debated sending a message to Obi-Wan but almost immediately dismissed the idea...Someday, if he had a reason to reach out, he would. But the toddler in his office was all the reason he needed to keep silent, and there was another child, one he'd met for only a few moments, who needed his discretion just as badly.

Page 193:
He would get the R2 unit back from Captain Antilles. The droid was trustworthy and capable of defending himself. Bail would just have to make sure not to leave the droid alone with his daughter, in case either of them got any ideas.

Thinking about her made Bail look at the aquarium again. Leia had pulled herself up, her hands and her nose pressed against the glass, as she watched an orange-and-purple tentacled creature move through the water like a dancer. She laughed every time it changed direction, which it did by emitting a stream of bubbles. He couldn't imagine life without his daughter. He couldn't imagine not working for a better galaxy for her to grow up in. He wasn't entirely sure how he was going to do all that and manage to keep her safe.


Bail crossed the room quietly, counting on the tentacles to keep his daughter from seeing his reflection in the glass, and then swung her up in his arms. Her surprised giggles echoed through the office, the perfect counterpoint to his deeper laugh.

"Outside," she said, not willing to relinquish his attention, even if they left the aquarium behind.

"Outside," he agreed, and carried her onto the balcony, where he'd first introduced her to her mother and the planet she would grow up calling home.

So...I'm taking a break from Ahsoka for a while...

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