Feb. 8th, 2017

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Sometimes, this song makes me cry. Sometimes, I wonder if she still believes in it.

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This happened five months ago but I never got around to posting it until now. Stephen's face when Kevin is talking about sex and Harry Potter references is PRICELESS!!!

I was saddened that no one made .gifs.

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We actually saw this in the theatre. I never saw the first one in the theatre. I never had any desire and hated what it looked like they had done to it. I later saw it on Starz.

However, I liked what I saw in the second one. I liked the costume and production design shown in the trailer. I liked that it was very loosely inspired by Lewis Carroll. Plus, it would be one of the last times to have new Alan Rickman on the big screen...I still haven't been able to get myself to watch A Little Chaos.

So, the costumes and art direction were just as good as I thought they would. Unfortunately, Alan Rickman had a teeny, tiny role although there was a dedication during the credits...

The worst part about the film is that the trailers really didn't express just how much the movie was about the Mad Hatter. This would be okay if it was Hatter from Alice where he was Andrew Lee Potts or Once Upon a Time where he was played by Sebastian Stan but here he's...Johnny Depp.

I used to love Johnny Depp but while his acting has gotten lazier and lazier...slight variations on the same theme except for The Tourist...his imput into productions goes unchecked and I hate it. It was Mordecai that really killed it, that is one of the worst films I have ever seen. PERIOD. There are also the abuse allegations.

Right away, we're supposed to be worried because the Hatter might die and it's like...I don't care if he does? Then, there's a whole genocide plotline that feels very...Kung Fu Panda 2...or the Holocaust...you know...whichever

I liked Alice though. Then again, I love the actress even when she was being a complete brat in Only Lovers Left Alive. I know historical treatment of women but this is a film where Wonderland is real so screw that, I want Alice to be awesome. Every time her mom was like, Stay home, get married, blah blah...I got more pissed but the ending was perfect. It's weird but I felt like I could tell the screenplay was written by a woman in her plotline with her mom. It felt more real than usual and even though her impetus was a male-eww, at least there were a LOT of scenes between women and dealing with platonic women/women relationships. Another important plotline was between two sisters.

But all the Johnny Depp ruined about everything...

A bit more casting...I just assume Andrew Scott is evil any time he shows up in anything but it was cool to see Richard Armitage get to be King!

I just hope it doesn't ruin things for a proper film or television series for The Looking Glass wars. Ugh, those books are so awesome.
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How do you manage to have Oscar Isaac and have him...not hot most of the film?

I was really hoping they wouldn't go there with Erik but they totally did and in some ways, Anya's death was worse than the comic book version. I had assumed Anya was the girl in X-Men: Days of Future Past especially since the director confirmed it wasn't Wanda as everyone assumed. Then again, the dates didn't match up for the girl to also be Erik's child.

When you think about it, this movie is so messed up. There's a group of minorities who want to change the world for the better and the CIS heterosexual Caucasian X-Men have to stop them?

But I loved that Charles finally fessed up to what he did to Moira and damn, the slash between Charles and Erik was STRONG in this one. They literally had a montage about the importance of Erik and Charles to each other. Even Peter Jackson didn't do that with Sam and Frodo.

But you never have Erik and Peter discussing that they are father and son??? Really???
Of course, once again, they never discuss that Raven/Mystqiue is Kurt's mom either, dammit!

You have Jubilee and she's not even allowed in the final battle? What the fuck?

I thought they had already killed off Havok off-screen in the last film and so did my best friend.
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It was cute.
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I was looking forward to this so much until it came out and all the reviews were horrible and I had second thoughts.

But my mom was like, You almost never agree with the critics anyway, so she made me go, lol.

I loved it. I really did. The new Horseman was awkward and I wanted a little more backstory for...almost all of them and I wanted more from Daniel Radcliffe's character and I wanted more real magic as hinted by the end of the last film but...I did enjoy it.

To me, a sequel does its job well when it causes you to rethink what you thought you knew of the previous film or films. This sequel did that. There's more to Dylan's past than we thought...storytime that probably should have been given over to a less fleshed out character but I really, really like Mark Ruffalo and he never gets to have cute characters with minimal angst anymore...and Thaddeus wasn't who we thought he was at all!

I had hoped for fanfiction shipping Thaddeus and Lionel but...I never found any...

Also, Jay Chou, woot!
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I may have posted about this one before but I loved it. It was history but it was thought provoking and made me see a different point of view...it made a really good case for how the second amendment could be used properly...and unfortunately, I can see how that could be useful down the road.

I loved the cast; Matthew McConaughey, Gugu Mbatha-Raw!!!, Keri Russell !!!


Feb. 8th, 2017 02:36 am
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This is one of the few films where I'm sorry we didn't see it in 3D. It was just so...pretty. Everything has a CGI child's daydream feel to it and it was nice to see Spielberg just having fun again. Yes, I did place right around #20 for the year but that was really the adolescent, immature parts that I didn't like as well, like farting Corgis. My mom placed it in her top 10 for 2016.

I also had a problem with Penelope Wilton playing Queen Elizabeth since she was "Harriet Jones, Prime Minister!" We know.

There was also an E.T. doll somewhere in the film but I never saw it. This ended up being the last film written by Melissa Mathison who had also written E.T. and The BFG was first published in 1982, the same year E.T. was released.

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