Mar. 12th, 2017

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My mom tried to warn me that Tangled: Before Ever After was simply a set-up for a television series. She was right. She also ditched the television film before it was over. I watched the whole thing.

Her hair coming back was so disappointing.

It made perfect sense that her dad would be like Marlin and want to protect her at all costs...she was kidnapped for over a decade.

Of course, he was that over-protective but Eugene was free to be in Rapunzel's bedroom whenever he liked, lol.

My mom hates that he's going by Eugene instead of Flynn.

However, the best part is Maximus...has a love interest. He's totally crushing on a female horse and I can't wait to find out more about her. Maximus is the Norrington that Disney still allows me to have and not kill off or wreck so I will love my surrogate Norrington with everything I have.

Also, Cassandra is in love with Rapunzel but Rapunzel was raised in a tower so she has no idea and Eugene is just...dense?

I hope Cassandra gets a happy ending.

P.S. Amazon FINALLY delivered my package I ordered a week ago. They're usually extremely prompt. However, my mom now has her birthday gift from me: Steven Stamkos POP and he's 08, too! My mom's birthday was the 8th.
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I feel like we broke new ground tonight...a character had to really pee, we saw him enter the bathroom and then, unzip his pants. Am I wrong? I know the novels have been honest about bodily fluids but the television series and films tend to ignore having to pee and poop.

It was Wedge Antilles, too! I love how we get to see him grow if we could just have him in Episode 9 or something.

Also, next season of Rebels...since I can't have Shara Bey or Kes Dameron unless they remain civilians in the episode...NEEDS to have Cassian Andor, dammit.

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