Apr. 6th, 2017

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Hello from the Other Side...or it feels that way with everyone leaving or going to DreamWidth.

Yes, I will be doing another rounds of imports from my LJ to my Dreamwidth (same name there). I will probably do it more often than every 5 years or however long it's been...it was a huge turn-off when the Youtube embeds didn't work.

I've never taken the whole Russia threat seriously. Perhaps it's my brothers calling me "Commie" over all my quirks like not liking apple pie or milk when I was a kid. Perhaps it's because I grew up during the fall of the Soviet Union. Maybe it was my Russian college housemate who remains the horniest girl I've ever met who wouldn't let a terrorist attack or tropical storm stop her fucking her boyfriend. Whatever it was, it always sounds ridiculous to me.

Then, there's LiveJournal. LiveJournal takes the fear of Russia and elevates it to new heights. I've noticed this since the first rumors of the Russian selling. The fear and theories were so fanciful and so detailed that when people were saying that Russia was trying to influence our elections, I thought...hmm, must be former members of LiveJournal who have gone to other places.

Now, on Samantha Bee, they were saying that Russia was trying to send me disinformation as a Bernie supporter but I couldn't recall seeing the particular examples. Online someone also mentioned the Clinton love child which I read but didn't pass on because it was stupid. If I recall correctly, the only times I was duped was passing on Anti-Trump stuff. The part that really pisses me off is not what pisses everyone else off. Everyone else appears pissed off that Russia "meddled in our election!" which the United States does ALL THE TIME!!! but I'm pissed that they won't admit...some of us just did NOT like Hillary Clinton! It wasn't Russian lies. The hacked emails simply confirmed my low opinion of her. I've had a low opinion of her for about 20 years, do you really think Russian disinformation is going to suddenly make that worse?

Obviously, my low opinion of Clinton did lower but that was due to her and her supporters's doing, NOT Russia.

Anyway, the new Terms of Service did seem scary at first. It claims to be legally binding but then, we were never given a proper English translation that said it WAS legally binding so that could be totally argued in court.
But then...why would it go to court? If Russia has no extradition treaty with the United States, then that surely works both ways...we can't be suddenly arrested and taken to Russia for saying Putin has a giant ass or something.

The TOS also mentions a specific hit count: 3,000
This explains it all: https://www.dailydot.com/layer8/russian-blogger-law-vladimir-putin-censorship/

3,000 in a 24 hour period???


I'm not even sure I get that much in a YEAR!
I'm small potatoes so I'm worthless to their censorship.

Yes, there was some language there about adult themes and minors and protecting them...which is simply censorship and I won't be a party to that. If I left LiveJOurnal, I'd feel like I was condoning how they run their country with regards to LGBTQUIA+ issues. It'd be like living in Austria, not liking how the Austrians were helping the Nazis but being Christian and rich so you're able to just walk away.
I'm not doing that. I'm not walking away. If by some weird awesome miracle, some LGBTQUIA+ Russian kid is able to find a LJ blog and realize they're not alone and they are loved for who they are, that's the whole point of why we're here. We can't let Russia think their censorship is okay. We can't let those who frown on Iran's harsh laws but want to enact Christian versions of them win.

Also, George R. R. Martin made exactly ZERO mention of any of this and that guy should be an expert on elaborate coups, right?

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