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2026-12-16 01:50 pm

My Kind of Warning

Until I am able to locate my original, I am having to use the photo from this page:

My Fanfiction Masterlist
My Icons for 2013
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2017-08-22 01:00 am

My Mom and Independence Day

My mom saw Independence Day for the very first time last Monday. She said that she was "glad we didn't pay to see it in the theatre" and also happy that "Jeff Goldblum survived and was the hero who saved the day."

She has no plans on seeing the sequel.
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2017-08-20 09:31 pm

Guardians of the Gilmore

Title: Guardians of the Gilmore
Author: Ericadawn16
Prompt: Gilmore Girls and Guardians of the Galaxy, I turn all Sean Gunn appearances on Gilmore Girls into Kraglin events.
Character/Pairing(s): Kraglin, Peter Quill, Yondu, Simon Williams
Rating: PG
Warnings: Nothing whatsoever except very mild language
Spoilers: Nothing there either
Summary: Kraglin and Pete do some distraction work.

The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton

Kraglin's main job was babysitting Pete even though he really wasn't that much older. His second job was just about to start. Simon Williams had just showed up.

"Hey. Um, what are you doing?"

Kraglin tried to look even younger than his real age, about twenty.

"You live here?" he asked with a data pad in hand.

"Yes, I do."

"I'm s'pposed to install new security for Simon Williams. That you?" he said, briefly glancing at the pad before moving it out of eyesight.

"Yes, that's me."

Williams wasn't playing along enough. They still needed more time.

"I'm Myck," Kraglin said, saying the first name that came to mind but not sure why.

"Hi Myck, nice to meet you. Now get the hell out."

"I was told that you wouldn't be here, but to look for a ceramic frog with a key in it," said Kraglin although Williams rolled his eyes. Pete was close by. He could hear him.

"I don't understand."

"We can't find the frog," Kraglin said a little louder than necessary so that it could be overheard.

"I didn't order new security."

"Uh, the order was placed by an. . .Nova Corp, can't have just anyone getting into your stuff," he said and Kraglin was reaching about the end of his skills with this sort of thing. It was so much easier when the cap'n could just use his arrow.

Yep, Williams wasn't buying the Nova Corp line even in a temporary fashion.


"We would've been done by now, but the frog search has put us way behind," Kraglin interrupted. This would be a good time for Pete to show up.

"Well, look-"

"Hey, Myck, I found it," said Pete walking up. The gates swung open.

"You found the frog?"

"It was a turtle," Pete said and Williams started turning sort of red. Well, that made things different. The more upset someone was, the more Kraglin liked to fuck with them.

"It says here it's a frog."

"It's a turtle!" Williams spat.

"Really?" Kraglin asked, playing dumb. Pete was nervous. He saw him itching to go for his gun. Babysitting 14 year olds was the worst.

"Trust me. Listen Mick, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cancel that security order," Williams spoke and inched closer.

"You sure? It's already paid for," he said with a grin. He still had most of his teeth and could generally pass as the Xanderian he was born as.

"Get out!" Williams spat and held out his hands. Blue energy floated out of them.

"Well good day then," he said and shoved Pete in front of him when the boy froze, staring.

Cap'n wasn't too far away.

"Recon was a success no thanks to you brats. At least he thinks it's just kids trying to rob him," Yondu spoke.

"I'm not a kid!" Pete argued.

"Almost got yourself killed reaching fer your gun like that," Yondu complained and glared at him. "Well, come on, need a well rested crew fer tomorrow."
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2017-08-19 09:56 pm

Return to Cranford

Why yes, this IS the new Doctor and a blond Loki being adorable together...
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2017-08-16 01:02 am

Friends to the End: The One with the Proposal, Part One

Title: Friends to the End: The One with the Proposal, Part One
Author: Ericadawn16
Prompt: The wonderful mash-up of Friends and Avengers
Character/Pairing(s): Loki/Amora (Past), Pepper/Tony, Tasha/Loki, Tony/Steve (Past), James/Rae, Jessica/Luke, Victoria/Isabelle, Clint/Bobbi, Jessica/Vange, Clint/Jessica (Past)
Phil Coulson, Loki, May Parker, Jane Foster, Thor, Skye, Nick Fury, Ava Ayala, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Darcy Lewis, JARVIS, Jasper Sitwell, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Melinda May, Grant Ward, James Rhodes, Jennifer Walters, Jessica Jones, Victoria Hand, Isabelle Hartley, Bruce Banner, Felix Blake, Lance Hunter, Bobbi Morse, Al MacKenzie, Pepper Potts, Jessica Drew-Whedon, Amora, Wanda Frank, Kate Bishop, Agatha Harkness
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash, mild language, ANIMAL DEATH, reference to sexual abuse and animal cruelty
Spoilers: a few references here and there, nothing big
Summary: There are coordinated Frost giant attacks across the Earth but is someone behind them?

Beta: HUGE Thanks to [personal profile] i_llbedammned and lavendergaia and Valoscope

The One with the Proposal, Part One )
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2017-08-07 12:26 am

Guardians Inferno

I just want to watch this all the time.

If you didn't catch, that was most of the Guardians of Galaxy: Volume 2 cast, including in order of appearance in music video:

Kraglin: Sean Gunn
Mantis: Pom Klementieff
Yondu: Michael Rooker
Peter Quill: Chris Pratt
Gamora: Zoe Saldena
Drax: Dave Bautista
Nebula: Karen Gillan
David Hasselhoff: David Hasselhoff
Groot Body Double: James Gunn
Rocket Body Double: Sean Gunn
Stan Lee: Stan Lee

Also, with bonus Guillermo, and Rooker dressed as a lion...

I'm going to watch it again.

P.S. Dave Filoni says Rex is bearded Pathfinder on Endor in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi!!!
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2017-07-28 01:58 am

My Attempt at Casting

You know what would be fun? Casting the Young Avengers, I bet it would be super easy, too.


So, there were some rules...

Marvel already cast Abby Ryder Fortson as Cassie

She's 9 so everyone else would have to be reasonably close...
and then Tumblr would complain about certain characters if they're too white...


Nicolas Bechtel as Iron Lad

Sean Leo as Hulkling

Jaden Piner as Patriot

Elisha Henig as Wiccan

Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Hawkeye

and look at her face reacting to whatever stupid thing Clint has done now...

Dylan Garza as Speed

Jaeden Lieberher as Kid Loki

Lillianna Valenzuela as Miss America

Riley Lio as Noh-Varr

Miles Brown as Prodigy

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2017-07-27 12:40 am

Club Penguin

I really do miss Club Penguin.

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2017-07-21 02:04 am

Linkin Park

Technically, Linkin Park started when I was in middle and high school but I don't remember them being everywhere until college. That's when I had burned copies of Hybrid Theory and Reanimation. I played the second one for my mom I still remember how she said she enjoyed the instrumental pieces the most. Just a few months ago, I pointed out an early Linkin Park song and she didn't recognize it as them.

I can't remember now how it came about. My mom either saw them perform on a show or had WMNF talk it up repeatedly but "A Thousand Suns" was one of the few CDS that she bought new and not because it was on sale or something.
It's one of the best albums...ever.

If I had to make a Top 10 album list, this one would always be there. It's practically perfect. It's melancholy but hopeful. It's full of older tales still even more relevant today. It's thoughtful but toetapping. It's just...everything.

Then, there's Transformers. One of the reasons that Age of Extinction felt off was the lack of Linkin Park which was rectified by the fifth film. This video does have a LOT of that film if you're concerned with spoilers. I always meant to see it again but the timing never worked out so I'm happy about that.

But in general...this sucks. I think everyone my age was still getting over Chris Cornell's death...the Avengers credits will never be the same...and now this. Our attitudes towards mental health suck and they kill people and we just...suck.

I guess I keep thinking of that discussion between Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa:

Barbossa: The world used to be a bigger place.
Jack Sparrow: The world's still the same. There's just... less in it.
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2017-07-17 11:51 pm

Thug Notes

My eldest nephew introduced me to these and they're awesome. It's about every major piece of literature broken down into an easy to digest form and very entertaining but not lacking in the literary analysis either.

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2017-07-17 11:36 pm


So I might be contemplating a Kraglin AU where I'd use Kirk Gleason lines and situations from the Gilmore Girls episodes but with Kraglin in the GOTG universe.

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2017-07-15 01:08 am

Honest Trailer: Fate of the Furious

Sorry, it won't let me embed but it's the Honest Trailer for Fate of The Furious...which I still haven't seen, lol.

Anyway, right when they show Djimon Hounsou, I'm thinking...wait, Djimon Hounsou was in these films, too?

And then the Honest Trailer guy says the same thing and it was awesome.

But then, I'm also thinking these films have Vin Diesel, Kurt Russell and Djimon Hounsou...

It's like Groot works for Ego while Korvath is a drug warlord and Wonder Woman gets to be halfway cool for two films before getting killed off...

So messed up...
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2017-07-06 01:52 am

Chris Pratt and Michael Rooker

"I thought Yondu was your father."

"What? What made you think Yondu was my father?"

"You look exactly alike."

"One's blue!"
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2017-06-30 10:44 pm

Lego Coulson and Lola!!!

Aren't they cute?

Hmm, $24.99 isn't too bad...I wonder if Target could be less...
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2017-06-30 02:02 am




Our Terms of Service does not allow 3rd party hosting with your current account level.
*What is 3rd Party Hosting?
Photobucket defines 3rd party hosting as the action of embedding an image or photo onto another website. For example, using the tag to embed or display a JPEG image from your Photobucket account on another website such as a forum, Etsy, eBay auction listings, a blog, etc. is definitively 3rd party hosting.
Why Photobucket?
Photobucket continues to have the distinct pleasure of hosting 15 billion photos from 100 million unique users since inception 14 years ago.
The subscriptions we offer are price competitive & we offer unlimited 3rd party hosting, no matter how popular your image is on your forum, blog or online store.
Additionally, we offer our users the opportunity to promote their business or products with the rest of the Photobucket community.
photobucket | for the love of photos."

Do you know how much it costs to have the 3rd party subscription?
$400 a YEAR!!!

Fuck you, Photobucket! Now I have to redo all my freaking photos with Imgur, ugh.
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2017-06-22 11:28 am


My VCR died but I don't want to just throw my tapes out. I'd rather they got to good homes.

Any ideas?
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2017-06-20 01:18 am

The Wonder Woman Moment

Everyone kept talking about Wonder Woman in this revolutionary way, how it made them cry.

I felt left out a little.

It was cool to see her kick ass but it also felt...normal, how things should be.

I thought maybe it was how my generation was raised. We had Ripley, She-Ra, Dana Scully, Buffy, Kim Possible, Mulan and countless others showing us how strong women were normal...

But some of those crying women WERE my age so...

It was something else and then, I realized I already had my "Wonder Woman Moment". It was when, for the first time in my life, I saw a woman in a live action Star Wars film take up a lightsaber and defeat the male patriarchy with it.

It was pretty freaking sweet.
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2017-06-18 10:40 pm

James Gunn Facebook Q & A

It turns out that James Gunn did a Q & A on Facebook over a month ago and I didn't find out until a couple of days ago.

It's really awesome. He discusses almost everything...really, no one asked him whether the Zune will mean more up to date tunes next time? 80s?

There are also multiple appearances by his cats and we almost had a cameo by Michael Rooker. Gunn explains what happens between the spacesuit scene and the funeral, Jossing a LOT of fanfic out there right now. It's also WAY more angsty than any of those stories have come up with.
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2017-06-17 11:50 pm

Gilmore Girls

I didn't watch Gilmore Girls consistently when it was new because half the run happened when I was at college although I always tried to catch up during the summer. I remember at one point, it must have been my first year away, that my mom was actually watching every week and she's not a big fictional television person.

Still, I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode at least once but when people described the Netflix season as "meh", I thought they must be right since it's pretty hard to recapture magic like that and the last season on regular tv...yeah, that was hard to watch.

But then, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 happened and I've been watching Gilmore Girls a LOT. It's on Up!, not just Netflix doesn't have the Netflix season...

Which I thought was okay until I was watching Luke and Lorelai break up for the hundredth time and I...wanted that payoff, dammit!

The wedding is on Youtube, yay! But now I know there's an adorable pig and of course, that pig's owner and I WANT THAT SEASON!!!

*fingers crossed it comes out on dvd like the Arrested Development Netflix season*

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2017-06-16 11:25 pm

TV Died, Long Live New TV!

Obviously, Wednesday's storms were bad. I just didn't think they were that bad. There was definitely a close lightning strike but it wasn't like the time that tree beside my bedroom was struck and broke in half.

Still, there was a POP and everything went off and on like a surge. I assumed the power was out but the backups weren't beeping and the kitchen light was working. Still, the tv wouldn't turn back on. It was dead. Now I think of it as almost like a heart attack because in about 20 years, it's the only time I've had a failure with a surge protector. The tv was 8 years old which is a decent age nowadays...even though the 22 year old Philips and 14 year old Sanyo still work fine.

Did you know they don't even make Philips tvs any more?

Also, Best Buy now charges 25 dollars to recycle flat screens.

I ended up with a Samsung LED. It wasn't until I was adjusting the color on Star Wars that I realized my previous tv was definitely NOT an LED. BB-8 was so beautiful like I could touch him! I could make out individual leaves on Luke's island. Everything was so pretty. I had considered going up to 1020 p but it was a hundred dollars more so I stuck with 720 and now it's like...1020 must be crazy and I can't imagine those new 4K tvs.

I'm also really happy about the Closed Captioning. The last time I tried Directv captions, they sucked so I went back to the television ones. This time, I tried Directv again and now the Captions are a LOT better. I can easily read them and they move around so they aren't blocking crucial information.

My mom's a little jealous about my remote. When you press a button, all the buttons light up.

Oh, and I'm talking about a 24 inch because I've never had bigger than that.

My mom's Directv receiver also died so today, awesome technician Eavan ended up replacing...almost everything. Apparently, when you trouble-shoot and fix everything yourself for 8 years, the equipment can really change and become obsolete. If it wouldn't have taken so long, he wanted to replace the satellite dish, too. Also, it turns out that the DVR technician fucked stuff up when he installed it and that had to be fixed today, too. I was a little pleased about that because that technician was rude to me. Yeah, it's 8 years later and I still remember, I'm a grudgey person that way.

It is a little annoying that my remote is messing with her set.

We bought two new battery backups but since the other two are still decent, we put those two on her television setup and the refrigerator so everything except the washer/dryer is set.