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Ok, I took this from Kerrymdb's Journal .

1. If you could pick one director (living or dead) to direct a Potter film, who would it be and which film would they make?
Joss Whedon, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

2. How old were you when you first got into Harry Potter?
16 years old and that was over seven years ago...

3. Choose another fandom and sort the main characters into Hogwarts houses.
Well, Lord of the Rings came to mind first because of Kerrymdb's answer to #1, but I would start doing characters other than the main nine, like Eowyn and Faramir so I'll do the one expected of me: Pirates of the Caribbean...

Jack Sparrow-Gryffindor although he possesses other House traits so...
James Norrington-Gryffindor
Elizabeth Swann-Ravenclaw
Will Turner-Gryffindor although he also has Slytherin traits
Cutler Beckett-Slytherin

4. What's your favorite Gryffindor moment in the series?
When the twins leave Hogwarts, that was awesome!

5. Do you foresee Harry reuniting with Sirius, his parents, and Dumbledore in Book 7 in some way?
Hmm, I don't want him to go past the veil or actually step forth in that other realm...unless she kills him off at the end, but I've been wondering about that mirror. Sirius must have had it with him when he died...maybe it's not as broken as Harry thinks...

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