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Rick Scott has rejected high speed rail so if you can't drive and/or can't afford a car, I guess he thinks you don't have any business venturing from your own town.

Plus, all the freaking construction jobs and the other jobs to come once it was built and the access to jobs beyond your own county, but that's okay, I guess they can just put up a Walmart on every corner...

Next election, Rick Scott, you are going DOWN!!!

I see no added jobs except for his rich cronies. Otherwise, he has only canceled jobs. LIAR!

*tries to sustain rage*

Also, that money was allotted for High Speed Rail and ONLY High Speed Rail. It CAN"T go towards anything else.

EDIT: I just wrote the Governor about my concerns, but I'm still pissed. It feels like a giant slap in the face to those poor and unemployed who WANT TO WORK but are unable to travel to the places with actual jobs. They like to pretend we don't exist. It's like that part in A Christmas Carol where Scrooge says those who don't want to go to prison or the workhouse, which is also basically prison, should just DIE and decrease the surplus population.

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