May. 18th, 2017

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My ride a.k.a. my brother was unavailable on Free Comic Book Day which was kind of a bummer. However, the place we usually go that gives out what it would call "A Full Set" discontinued that this year and my regular comic book store saved a bunch of free comics in my box along with my regular subscriptions. I did miss seeing some of my friends but hopefully, I can see them soon. haul thanks to Coliseum of Comics:


Boom! Studios 2017 Summer Blast I used to look forward to Boom and Archaia but now they're the same although that sucks a little bit because Archaia had the most gorgeous FCBD books. Check them out of Amazon, they were actual books instead of the magazine format Boom uses. Still, it's a guarantee that I'm going to enjoy their sampler and wish I could read all their stuff.

Buffy the High School Years I think I need to read this now? It was super cute and I never thought before how Sunnydale must have a comic book shop.

Fresh Off The Boat It's cute and the end had an advertisement for The Reading Without Walls Challenge which sounds really cool.

1. Read a book about a character who doesn't look or live like you.

2. Read a book about a topic you don't know much about.

3. Read a book in a format you don't normally read for fun.

Guardians of the Galaxy It's fun but...Peter looks like Netflix' Danny Rand and it's not right, lol. I need my Peter Quill even remotely resembling Chris Pratt, I just do! Also, he's never shown but they appear to be on a job for the Grandmaster a.k.a. Jeff Goldblum's character!

You saw him in the credits, right? ;)

I Hate Image Gert kills her way through Image comics. It's fun. Even Rick Grimes is fed to zombies but Spawn is left unscathed.

Under Five Dollars:

Black Panther: World of Wakanda #1 Oh gosh, this is so much fun and hardly any men at all. I really loved finding out more about Wakanda and its neighbors. I'm also already shipping a couple and they're both female!

Fuck Fairyland #12 Poor Gert, even when she tries to go straight, she fucks up but at least it's always hilarious.

Hawkeye #6 Hmm, I'm getting really intrigued by her evil dad and his missing whereabouts. Also, LUCKY!!! I guess they have joint custody.

The Misfits #4 Poor Roxy and I hate how only 1 or 2 issues remain...I love this series. When they reboot Jem again, it should be a live action television series based off Kelly Thompson's works.

Poe Dameron #13,#14 #14 should have come with a tissue warning! Leia talks about her mortality. I really love the series though.

Wonder Woman #20, #21 I don't know who this red haired goddess is, but I like her. Also, Ares is...weird. He's like a brunette Chris Hemsworth with short hair and it feels wrong.

Over Ten Dollars:

Goldie Vance Vol. 2 I love her and it just gets better and better.

Also, LJ just turned all my issue numbers into hashtags because I used the pound sign.



May. 18th, 2017 01:22 am
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I reactivated Lootcrate for May. Rocket and Groot were too cute to pass up.

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