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Dec. 16th, 2013 01:32 am
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In a recent post, I mentioned how Natalie Portman said that Dirty Dancing formed her soul.

I feel a bit out of it sometimes with Dirty Dancing. I first saw it as a teen and it was okay. The abortion subplot was very enlightening. I liked the dancing didn't grab me.

So, I began thinking about...were there films that formed my soul and what were they?

It's an odd thought that entertainment would help make up your essence but I suppose if I had to name what helped form what I am today...

In chronological order to when they really hit me...

Time Bandits
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Chariots of Fire
Jurassic Park
The Lion King
Little Women -the book
The Original Star Wars Trilogy

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Dec. 12th, 2013 08:35 am
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Sometime last Wednesday afternoon or evening, yahoo mail stopped working on my iPod. Yesterday, I got notice that yahoo mail will probably stop working by January 6th on my phone. I was pissed at first but now I think the disconnect might be good for me. I'll make people who really need me to phone or text.

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It appears Disney will stop having the Soap Opera Channel on December 31.

Yes, I am sad about that for purely selfish reasons. I can catch Gilmore Girls on ABC Family but I don't know about any other channel showing Veronica Mars.

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For everyone who knows someone who needs a computer but can't afford a new one, I saw that Goodwill is getting into the refurbished computer business. They're selling them for less than $200. Unfortunately, you'd still have to pay for Internet but every little bit helps.

Okay, is LJ being a jerk to anyone else? I tried Opera and I tried Safari and it hated both of them...barely loaded so I'm on my iPod. Tumblr was also being weird so it suggested Firefox and Chrome...I suppose I could go back to Firefox but Chrome? Fuck you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Remember the Comic-Con special on Disney XD? Tonight is the last night of Disney Fandom which is totally disappointing because this week Disney XD was one of my favorite channels ever. It was a better fandom channel than Syfy claims to be.

However, Disney XD is having once Upon a Time: For the Fans from 8:45-9 pm EST, 5:45-6 pm pst tonight! Hosted by Lee Arenberg, it's all interviews with the cast. Yay!!!

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Jul. 27th, 2013 12:46 am
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Do you remember how well I liked Iron Man 3?

Well, there were times during The Wolverine that I longed for Iron Man 3.

It was slightly better than the first Wolverine movie and I say this for only three reasons.

1. Yukio
2. The teaser intro for X-Men: Days of Future Past
3. Yukio
She was seriously that awesome and I want her in all future movies, what I really want most is a movie where she has to team up with Black Widow and they kick ass together.

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My mom LOVED Jack Reacher.

I felt like there was something off about it. Then, I read some reviews and they described his character as being someone Clint Eastwood would have played when he was younger. I realized they were right and that's why it felt off. However, he did do a good job and in time I'm sure I could get used to this new sort of Tom Cruise role.

There are two actors though that need to stop playing villains because I'm tired of it. One of them turned out to be the villain in a film I saw earlier this month, too!

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While the purple convertible is very cool and useful...I do miss Kate Bishop's purple VW Beetle.

So, the thrift store today had an unopened box of Jurassic Park trading cards from 1993, 44 packs for 25 dollars.

I'm very tempted but I'm not a dealer, I just want to open all the cards and see what they are. I still have a holographic Dilophosaurus from way back in the day.

And 25 dollars is a lot of money...

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Jul. 23rd, 2013 10:58 am
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I had a dream that I was a high school student when Kim Possible needed me so I escaped via a secret exit. Then, it turned out that we were teaming up with Perry! However, I was sent to this research facility to investigate but they made everyone leave because the raptors had escaped.

Have they ever had a crossover between Kim possible and Phineas & Ferb?
I don't remember one and it would be awesome.

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So, it's been confirmed that there will be The Hobbit extended edition which is why I haven't bought it yet.

However, we all know from Lord of the Rings that they'll come out with a deluxe box set after the third film so I'm thinking of waiting for that.

What about you?

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When I was talking about Andrew Garfield's thoughts on MJ the other day, I forgot to mention my other requirement for a new MJ on film.

She can no longer just be an actress. When I watch the first three films and how often she's turned into the damsel in's kind of embarrassing.

We expect more from a superhero's lover. They have to be awesome first in their own right, like Gwen, Jane, Peggy, pepper and Lois.

I do like how in ultimate spider-man, she's trying to become an award winning journalist but there could be Lois comparisons there.

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So with Batman being in Superman's next movie, the hope is that we're finally getting that Justice League movie. I say hope because they keep putting it off.

Do you think Wonder Woman would have to wear pants to be respected?

Is her original outfit too sexist?

Will they allow her original origin story?

Does she have any chance of having more to do than Black Widow in The Avengers?

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BBCA starts showing the final season of being human at 10 pm EST TONIGHT!

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Okay, I did love Lucky's issue of Hawkeye but can someone explain that last page? California? Are we not supposed to understand yet?

I forgot to look for which car she was driving...

I know, I was told not to read iron man but I couldn't resist. Now, I want to know why exactly was Tony going to die in utero if the alien didn't intervene?

Although I'm still not ruling out bullshit.

young avengers continues to be awesome. I prefer the issues with Hawkeye and/or Loki but this one was fun, too.

I got all excited because I thought Hot Topic had an X-Files comic but it was an ad on the back of My Little Pony.

Has anyone found The X-Files comics?

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I do not watch game of thrones.

Yes, I have tried repeatedly because i do love Peter Dinklage, Thomas Sangster, etc. There's too much sex/nakedness and assholery, not enough dragons and women being awesome.

So please do not assume everyone online watches or if we don't that we simply need to start. I know the world can suck. I watch the actual news and it tells me this. I don't need to watch it in fictionalized form.

I was raised on PBS/BBC, sex should be done from a story standpoint and not just done randomly to appeal to teenage boys. I hardly watch any of the pay cable tv shows anymore because they all seem to have lots of sex just because they can and not because it furthers characters/plot.

They need to stop being like newer Anne Rice.

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May. 19th, 2013 09:31 am
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Despite the location, I never play the lottery so I did not win the Powerball, However, since it's a small town I'm 98% certain I'll know the winner once they step forward.

It's nice being known on nationally tv for something other than being racist or weird.

Well, people do come world-wide to us for skydiving.

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