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Nah, I'm cool with the epilogue. However...if this is just a LJ question and thus, I can do anything...

The FanGirl Collective...not to be confused with the lesbian filmmakers collective that enjoys holding competitions and then spanking each other...the FanGirl Collective makes our way to the Forbidden Forest where we steal the resurrection stone and use advanced technology, that we stole from the Tardis when Eleven was making out with River, to bring back any character who was unjustly killed off. Our only rules are that the person has to be agreed to by a majority and that they have to be brought back in such a way that current canon isn't weirded out so when we use it on Ianto, we take him to a future Jack so Rusty can still have his Miracle Day and everything else. It really doesn't matter where we put James Norrington since that whole canon is so messed up.

One quick note on a DH movie canon improvement, at least when you slash his throat that eliminates my need to yell BEZOAR, YOU STUPID MORON at Harry like in the book.
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Dude, how awesome would it be to have a guest going through the Haunted Mansion when suddenly...real ghost! Then, there's POTC who everyone says is haunted already.
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Hmm, just one...I would wish for everyone to treat everyone else and animals with respect. Right now, it seems like a lot of humans and animals are treated as worthless because of their species, their gender, their sexual orientation, their monetary status, their employment status, etc

It needs to stop.

So, I made the janto vid last night and it turned out lovely so of course this computer won't cooperate with my monitor. It won't communicate with my tv. I think it might be my video card and I hope that's covered under my giant warranty of everything. Until then, I just have my iPod and phone which are not nearly as convenient but better than last fall when I only had phone.

Also, to top it off, I just found my note about Karen gillan being on Craig ferguson...last night.

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My favorite holidays are my birthday, Christmas and Halloween. I love the idea of getting to be different for a day and/or getting together with family and/or friends. However, I hate all the marketing and commercialism about how the corporations feel Christmas and Halloween SHOULD BE instead of just letting people relax and celebrate in their own way. It's so bad most of my retail friends end up saying things like, "I'll just be glad when it's OVER!"

That's just not the holiday spirit at all and makes me sad.
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Hmm, just one, I suppose?

Part of the problem with fictional worlds is that they seem to have a lot of crap going down and people dying, like Narnia, Mordor, Endor, etc.

However, if we could just visit in between the unpleasantness, it'd be between Coruscant or the Shire. It might also be cool to go to Care-a-lot or Toontown: not the one at Magic Kingdom, but the one in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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