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This is a song whose video is used for promotional purposes by the National Guard. I've seen it many, many times in the movie theatre. It shows the National Guard through different eras of American history from the Revolutionary War to Iraq.

First of all, I always think: If I get to wear 18th century attire and carry a musket while pretending to fight the Brits, boy, sign me up!

But, apparently, historical reenacting is not a main aim of the National Guard.

Then, there's the line: I fired the shot that started a nation.

I thought the British did in the Boston Massacre?

However, odd kudos for historical accuracy, the National Guardsman pictured looks like a weathered family man of thirty or so and his opponent in the British army?

Fourteen or so, we're seriously being told to root for a full-grown adult to mow down a teenager. In a historical context, this is absolutely correct, but surprising, for a contemporary video to do which could just skip it. After all, the third Pirates of the Caribbean film had a ten year old getting hung, but it was the "bad guys" that were responsible; not the same organization that wants you to join up so badly.

Anyway, here's the Youtube so you can see for yourself:

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