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Dec. 21st, 2012 11:50 pm
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Tom Hiddleston fans should check out page 38 under Great Performances of Entertainment Weeky's 2012 year end issue.
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Looking through Martin Freeman's old roles made me think up a new post...what was the role that made me fall in love with each Avenger?
Not the role where I first knew them but the one that made me think...I really like this person, I want more.

Robert Downey Jr.
Well, he was always there, wasn't he?
Heart and Souls )

Chris Evans
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World )

Mark Ruffalo
13 Going on 30 )

Scarlett Johansson
Ghost World )

Jeremy Renner
The Hurt Locker )

Chris Hemsworth
Well, that would be Thor so I'll use Tom Hiddleston instead...
Midnight in Paris )
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I will totally post about The Hobbit and my birthday, but not tonight. I need some space.

Parkway Cinema September 24, 2012

Yeah, technically, we had already watched it on my DVD copy...legally obtained through a store that was not supposed to be selling it yet...

It was nice to see it again on the big screen after settling for the small one. It made me appreciate the detail more, like the steps resembling teeth in the scene where Loki gets the spear. Since it was a weekday in Bradenton/Sarasota, we were surrounded by old people, hehe. It is interesting to see what everyone will laugh at and whether anyone seems to know anything about the characters already.

Ten times later, and Joss Whedon is still schooling me...that's one of the things I love about The Avengers, I really do notice something different each time.

Loki needed to mess up SHIELD and take them out of the equation of his invasion. Clint told him enough to realize that meant taking the Helicarrier out of commission.

Except that the Helicarrier was kept cloaked most of the time, using mirror tiles to look like the surrounding clouds, unable to be found except by those SHIELD wanted to come.

So, Loki let himself be taken ALONG with his cosmic spear. When everyone's arguing and Tony acts as though he's unwell, the spear is working full-blast so Clint can track its whereabouts. It's on the computer monitor of the Quintjet that Clint is leading to the Helicarrier. I'd never noticed that part before. I thought maybe Clint just had the right access codes or something...

Also, Clint deliberately says for them to disable all video for the detention levels...so I get annoyed when fanfiction has characters watching footage of Loki's attack on certain characters...it doesn't exist.

P.S. Mom is totally convinced that the guy on the bridge is Coulson; the mannerisms, the height, everything is VERY Clark Gregg so I'm inclined to believe her.

She totally forgot about Item 47 but then I decided that Coulson was immediately sent on an extended vacation and Sitwell and the other guy weren't told about it.
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You might remember before and right after The Avengers came out, how we were so sure that cinematic Clint Barton was either gay or bisexual and probably involved with both Coulson and Natasha?

I mean it's not like Fury's Big Week denied this at all...

How many people would Coulson feel trustworthy enough to sleep with?
Then, there's this bit from the original Thor script:

Aww, "handsome".

Comic book Clint tends to be a bit of a man slut with women, but...
Notice how he says "no" but instead of saying how he doesn't like guys, including Spider-Man, that way, he launches into this explanation of how sex always messes things up...
Then, as though they now need to prove that Barton is a man slut with the women, he sleeps with someone different in just about every issue, including one he'd JUST met with red hair and can we say ISSUES???
Still, it leads to several pages of nudity like this so it wasn't completely pointless...the censorship is hilarious. I also love Kate's purple car and if we're going to keep a platonic partnership between them, can we make Kate being Coulson's daughter canon? It just makes sense.

Also, I'm watching this miniseries I recorded off Sundance, Restless. It's a star-studded, classy production but they just needed to tell me "Hayley Atwell as a British spy during World War II" and I was sold. Oh, Peggy, I love you...
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Every time we go to Downtown Disney, I find even more Tokidoki Marvel to love...too bad it's so expensive...except for the little keychains, I have two of those.



Nick Fury even had his own hat! However, there's no Coulson...yet.

Look at more cute apparel at these two links:

Although I'm still looking forward to the day when Disney pins and Vinylmation include Marvel.
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The Avengers

September 4, 2012

We didn't feel like doing a double feature with The Avengers and Killer Joe so we left. However, we got back home in time for the 7 PM showing at the local theatre. It had been exactly four months since our first viewing. This was our ninth. Since the movie had not been showing since June and was suddenly bought back, the cinema had to buy a movie poster from K-Mart. It was definitely NOT the typical size, lol.

We were banking on trailers to make sure we got there in time. NO TRAILERS! We made it with popcorn in time for Coulson in his sun-glassed glory to be waiting on Fury, or as my mom put it, "We really didn't miss anything important..."

Another sign of the local theatre being completely unprepared was the framing. It was horrible. During THAT scene with Fury and Coulson aka Coulson's last scene, his head was completely chopped off at times. I also thought the sides looked odd but this wasn't confirmed until the group shot where Natasha and the scepter were missing.

However, we love the movie no matter what. Have I mentioned what I really love about that scene when Bruce and Steve first step aboard the Helicarrier's command deck? I love how the music mimics Soarin' from Epcot.
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Why isn't there fanfiction based on this screenshot? And if there is, where is it?

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The Hot Toys Phil Coulson figure is now available for Pre-Order.


*Cuddles my Phil MiniMate and Chibi with the hope that Hasbro comes through someday*

Phase 1 Box Set has a new date and stuff. I now have all six films already but not on BluRay except for Thor so I don't know... There will now be stuff from Phase 2 which considering what happens in The Avengers...kind of confusing to have Phase 2 weapons but Phase 2 also as a series of movies leading up to Avengers 2.


I have my fingers crossed for SHIELD show goodies.

While looking for Phil Coulson stuff online, I found these. Honestly, it's a little disturbing that you can buy cards with fake blood that's supposed to be from a fictional character...

However, I do love that the ZOOM feature is a lot easier than using a magnifying glass on my art book and the baby girl on the one card gave me an idea.

"Phil, your mother wanted me to give this to you when the time was right. It meant a lot to her," his father spoke and handed him an envelope.

Phil opened it and pulled out an object wrapped in tissue paper. He unwrapped it as carefully as his curiosity would let him. Inside was an original Captain America trading card from the forties. He'd only seen reproductions. The originals were really rare but his dad was smiling in a strange way. There was something that Phil wasn't understanding. He studied the front which was a photo. Many of the cards were drawings but this was a photo of Cap attempting to hold a crying baby.

Phil waited for his dad to speak again.

"That's your mom, Phil. She's the only civilian to be featured on one of his trading cards," the older man explained. Phil felt a rush of pride at his mom and sadness that he couldn't have known her better. His dad gave his shoulder a squeeze.
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I just found out that Tom Hiddleston will be a voice on the Robot Chicken premiering the night of December 16th aka MY 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!
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Dear Santa
"Starring: Amy Acker, David Haydn-Jones, Gina Holden, Emma Duke Genre: Holiday

Lonely and drifting through life, twenty-four-year-old Crystal discovers a letter from a little girl asking Santa to send her daddy a new wife for Christmas. Crystal decides to seek them out in the hopes of making herself their gift from Santa. Amy Acker, David Haydn-Jones, Gina Holden and Emma Duke star. Directed by Jason Priestley."

This is airing before or after The Road to Christmas and it has AMY ACKER!
Oh Lifetime, feel free to show Whedon prelumni/alumni and I will DVR it every time!

Oh Hot Toys, so PRETTY, so EXPENSIVE!

I showed my mom the photos and she suggested that I could buy it instead of Eventual Briefcase Set but then I told her how much Hot Toys usually are...

It has the trading cards and Destroyer Gun and everything:

Yes, Tom Hiddleston.
First, article to set off Star Wars rumor which I'm okay with...

This one kind of has spoilers but actually makes me want to watch Thor 2 RIGHT NOW!


I was kind of pissed at the twist on Elementary. I hope he will turn out to be mistaken later...I'm still hoping that about the Guy Ritchie series, too.
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Clark Gregg is one of People's Sexy Men of 2012!!!!!!

Clark Gregg Excited

No one can resist the Coulson...

I still have my fingers crossed for Jack Davenport and Tom Hiddleston. I know I'm asking a lot since just having Clark Gregg is amazing but I will be a bit pissed if Eddie Redmayne made the list but not Tom Hiddleston.

I can't wait to see everything for myself...hopefully, tomorrow...
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They're showing The Road to Christmas this week! You should really see this if possible especially if you're a Clark Gregg fan.


"Starring: Clark Gregg, Jennifer Grey Genre: Romance,Tearjerker
Claire can't wait to tie the knot to her handsome multimillionaire fiance. But her plans for a storybook Christmas Eve wedding in Aspen are derailed when a huge storm paralyzes the entire Rocky Mountain region. Forced to hitchhike to reach the aisle, Claire meets widower Wes and his 12-year-old daughter, Hilly. Although it's not exactly love at first sight for the adults, there is an undeniable attraction, and on the eve of her wedding, Claire will have to decide: Could this seeming Mr. Wrong actually be Mr. Right?"

Okay, they have "tearjerker" but I cried more at The Avengers. It's really cute and sweet and funny. It's Clark Gregg and Jennifer Grey acting together after being married for five years or so. Plus, Clark Gregg is SCRUFFY!

When do we ever get to see Clark Gregg all scruffy?

Also, Photobucket refuses to preview my Clark Gregg/Joss Whedon photo in my album. Maybe they think it's somehow porn?
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Now, once I see this, then I see the image below and think...KEEP GOING!

Especially when he got farther than that with Joss Whedon:

I love Clark Gregg with Jennifer Grey best but he's just so adorable with everyone!

We're going to have some Coulson romance in S.H.I.E.L.D. show, yes???

Because you shouldn't be outdone by Ultimate Spider-Man in any department...except maybe the nudity, that might be weird for live-action in prime-time.
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I'd been wanting to see Beasts of the Southern Wild for months so it probably suffered from enhanced expectations.

Now, the main actress, who was only five when she won the role, is amazing and should definitely get an Oscar nomination.

The effects are amazing and there's that fairy tale quality which is always nice, but...

I felt stupid at times. I felt as though things were going on that I wasn't comprehending because on the surface it was about this child coming to terms with big adult ideas but then, there were the beasts and the lessons about global warming and the Katrina imagery... Were there metaphors and symbols all over the place or was it just me?

And now Tom Hiddleston's totally praised it which makes me think even more that there was more it then I understood...

At the same time, it felt like it was lacking something...something indescribable but I wasn't surprised when the credits said that it was once a play.

I'm not sorry at seeing it even though it was at freaking Oldsmar. However, I was very pleased at what I found at the local Oldsmar Marshalls.

Loki: I was a King!
Me: I know, I have the figure!


Nov. 1st, 2012 01:18 am
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I was watching The Colbert Report and they were discussing New York City as usual. Colbert said how the power is out below 39th street and my mom goes, Wasn't that the cutoff in Avengers, too?

It's really weird seeing all the landmarks from the film among actual chaos rather than carefully crafted destruction that gets easily cleaned up once the filming is done. It's sad. I can't help but wonder about filming locations in The Sorcerer's Apprentice and the Kevin Smith movies.

It's a bit better than reading over the dead lists for familiar names...

Also, Jeremy Renner will be hosting Saturday Night Live on November 17. My mom's reaction? "I hope he gets better material than Daniel Craig did."

The Avengers July 30, 2012 at AMC Veterans 24

You know what's nice to see less than two weeks after a major shooting incident at a theatre?
A giant poster proclaiming, Think globally, kill locally.

We finally got very different trailers with this showing, including our very first viewing of the Man of Steel preview. My mom admitted later that, despite my not mentioning it, she thought it was going to turn out to be a new Punisher film. I think she was a little disappointed that it wasn't...

This was my eighth time, her seventh time. She definitely wanted to tie it with her other most watched film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

I love how the steps of The Other's place look like teeth.

The way Selvig talks about the Tesseract and calls it a "she", I almost wanted to retort, "Oh, get a room already!" He was SO semi-possessed already...

That third guy that Loki takes over? I'm pretty sure Loki kills him to try and slow down Maria, that's why he's never mentioned again at all.

I love how when everyone walks onto the bridge for the first time, the music sounds just like Soarin' at Epcot.

I love the numbers, not sure what they all mean but it's fun to look for them. The helicopter that gets shot down at the start is 30.The containment level with the cage is P62. 1962 is the year that Spider-man and Clark Gregg were born. There is one shot where the level right above the cage is P63. 1963 is the year the Avengers were born. The Helicarrier itself is 64 which is both from the original military vessel and Joss Whedon being born in 1964. 42 is the number of the Quintjet that Phil uses to get Steve, on Tony's file of Loki and a license plate in New York because 42 is the meaning of life, hehe.

I also love how on the bridge where everything happens in New York, there's a sign saying "Tunnel Closed Ahead". I always think...well, duh, even if it wasn't closed before, there's aliens and destruction and crap...

The movie keeps wanting me to ship Natasha/Steve because of how much he totally trusts her. She just has to nod and he's cool with Clint being a part of their plan despite Clint trying to kill them like twenty minutes before? Then, he helps Natasha bounce up to the Chitauri vehicles after earlier protecting her from the blast with his shield.

Afterwards, we were both a little sad especially my mom. It was assumed to be our last viewing and she likened it to finishing a really good book that you didn't want to end.
I didn't tell her that I had a dream a week or two before that I had seen the movie ten times in the theatre.


Oct. 30th, 2012 09:23 pm
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I was watching tv and this Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercial came on and...

It turns out Philadephia has been having Pheels before we were, at least as far back as 2009...

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