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But I shall try to be geeky as well for Arctic_Fox's benefit. Yesterday, we went to the mall out of curiosity and we also had five dollars for any present we wanted. I chose AWE earrings that were on sale. Yep, AWE earrings, but they're little pistols which I felt was cool since I plan on wearing them to work. All the coolest characters had pistols even if they weren't seen, but James did fire his.

I wonder if anyone will even notice that they're pistols. I also wear a peace symbol ring to work which less than five people have noticed in two years.

We also watched Charlie Wilson's War yesterday which I totally did not want to see. Tom Hanks annoys me lately and it's about Afghanistan and I'm like, eww. The choice was between it and Chipmunks. I chose Chipmunks, my brother chose Charlie Wilson so my mom became the tie breaker and once she found out Amy Adams was in it, then she chose Charlie Wilson.

However, I...liked it. They were all really great in their parts and it was funny and Amy Adams got to be all smart and serious. Yep, think I'm getting a girlcrush on Amy Adams, but dang it, she got to kiss Jack!!!

Which my mom totally forgot until I reminded her, they did The Wedding Date around the wrong people.

Anyway, it was Mike Nichols so I should have thought it was better than that, but it was both funny and poignant at the end. I understood a bit more how we get into such a mess.

But today, we're going to The Great Debaters, directed by Denzel Washington and chock-full of historical drama goodness.

Right now, the Walt Disney Merry Christmas Parade is on. They had Jack Sparrow and Barbossa on a float. Mom was very impressed and I said proudly how Florida has the better Jack Sparrows than California.

There was also a boy who said that his favorite part at the parks was Pirates of the Caribbean which made her remark, "he was paid to say that...well, the ride doesn't have any of the crap from the third movie."

What?!!! High School Musical performance with no Zac? Bugger

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