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Initially, when I heard about Kate bishop and how she plays the cello, I thought she'd be the cellist.

Then, people pointed out her age and I read more about her so I have a new theory now.

1. She's awesome at almost everything, not just bows.
2. She plays the cello.
3. She doesn't take crap from anyone,
4. She has blue eyes.
5. She has been known to crush on Captain America...

What if she's the secret love child of Phil Coulson and the cellist?

Of course, this could also be the Clint/Phil shipper talking because they seem to be headed there...

Yes, I know Clint's with Jessica but she's joining the Guardians of the Galaxy...

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Okay, my fellow comic book people, Kate Bishop is the only Marvel character I know who plays Cello but now I keep seeing people claim that the Scarlet Witch plays cello, too?

However, it's only mentioned since the movie came out so...

Does the Scarlet Witch play the cello?

Also, I somehow missed the really nice fan letter where Joss Whedon thanked us.

I was actually trying to find the interview where he claimed there would be a Vision reference but I suppose it might have been in the same article where he promised not to kill him off...

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