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Basically, just pick any fandom of yours, and answer the questions according to your opinion below.

Dr Who/Torchwood

Best Story: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances but I really love the Utopia trilogy, too.
Worst and Most Ridiculous Story: That Manhatten thing with the pig people and Daleks and Ood or did I just imagine that?
Most Improved Character: Jack Harkness, but Mickey would be a close second.
Most Ruined Character: Do I have to choose one? Do Daleks as a whole count?
Smartest Character: The Doctor
Dumbest Character: Hmm, almost everyone who works for Torchwood, the farting aliens and anyone who thinks they can outsmart the Doctor except for the Master because he's cool.
Best Couple: Why do these questions have to be so hard? Can I have a threesome, is that allowed? The Doctor/Rose/Jack
Worst and Most Boring Couple: Owen/Gwen or Rhys/Gwen, maybe anyone with Gwen.
Best Friend: The Doctor/Rose
Worst Friend: The Doctor/Master because friends do not age friends 900 years and put them in cages. It just isn't nice.
Good Idea, Bad Execution: We'll do an episode in real time where he has to save the day! Except you won't care by the end whether he does or not...
Bad Idea, Good Execution: Cat people run a mysterious hospital, but there's also Cassandra and the Face of Boe!
Best New Character: Can't decide between Martha and Donna so I'm going to cheat and say Captain John...ooh, Captain John... (drools)
Worst New Character: Possibly Astrid? I still haven't seen it yet.
Biggest Waste of Talent: I can't really think of one...
Best Use of Talent: David Tennant
Most Overused Plot Device: Aliens invading Britain...don't they ever invade someplace else? Other than the Toclafane?
Most Predictable Plot Twist: Something happening to Rose.
Least Predictable Plot Twist: Jack can't die.
Best shocker: "Face of Boe, they called me."
Worst Shocker: Ianto was stupid enough to keep his half-robot girlfriend in Torchwood's basement!
Best Villain: The Master
Worst Villain: Two Words...farting aliens.
Best Death: Nine's regeneration Cassandra would be a close second.
Worst Death: Anyone killed by the Toclafane. (shudders)

I'm tagging everyone. Take it if you want. :)


Dec. 20th, 2007 11:05 am
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Dr Who


With a whir )

Title: The Fires’ Aftermath
Characters/Pairings: Meredith, Claude, Elle
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: ANGST, one use of F-word
Spoiler alert: Spoilers through the second season although some is just wishful, non-contradicted thinking.
Summary: Who was Claude protecting and why?
Notes: My first Heroes fic, wish me luck, thank you GryffindorGeek!!!
Eight years earlier… )

Prompt: Eclipse
Genre: Friendship/Hurt/Comfort
Warning: ANGST
Word Count:708
Summary: Severus meets someone unexpected at a lunar eclipse.
Author’s Notes: I wrote a reply to the Challenge post but haven’t received a reply yet so hopefully, it’s not too late to sign up.
January 20, 2000 )

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