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I may be completely jinxing him with writing this and I doubt it changes anyone's mind, but since so many on my F-List have stated their allegiance to Hillary, I'm copying a defense that I posted last night of what I did.

I HATE being made to feel like a male chauvinist in female form for not voting for Hillary. Even Gloria Steinem, who's one of the most amazing women that I've ever met, says "Yes" when asked whether she's supporting Obama or Clinton.

I guess I should have been a man. I seem to be a traitor to my sex no matter what I do.

Last week, I was misogynistic because I felt women should abstain from alcohol, caffeine and drugs, including smoking, while pregnant.

This week, it's because I voted for Obama.

It all points to the same conclusion that I am somehow less than a woman for not supporting feminism at all costs.

But it's not as though I want females to repressed or support the treatment we've received...if it had been Oprah, I would have supported her, but it wasn't, it's Hillary.

Hillary, who's broken promise after promise and lied to the American people. After watching the Logo debate, I did some research: she and Bill promised a new era of rights for gays if elected in 1992.

What did they receive?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell and a Defense of Marriage Act so they could never marry like their Heterosexual counterparts.

She promised us health care. Instead, welfare spending was cut as was many health care programs. Upon turning 18, I was on Medicaid until it was decided that I was too expensive...

Obviously, having Epilepsy was all my fault...

I was kicked off Medicaid and have given up on having health care despite working full time. My friend, Carolyn, who's a student and unable to work full-time is more tenacious and has been kicked off Medicaid and re-applied five or six times.

I remember 2003. I remember Hillary trying to tell us that Iraq was the right thing to do. I NEVER thought it was the right thing to do and anyone who knows me can attest to that.

Hillary now tries to color her voting as doing the best with what she knew then, but if that's the case, why did she vote that way? It's not as though new information has emerged that she wouldn't have been privy to as senator. Plenty of us felt that it was an incredibly stupid idea that would end in deaths and wasted money, but she doesn't even admit it as a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes and it makes us more human to admit them.

There's a saying that's alluded in Fahrenheit 9/11: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I won't let Hillary fool me again.

At least Obama hasn't betrayed me yet. If he does, then I'll know, but I'd rather take that chance on an unknown than a proven liar.

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