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So, first of all, no ever likes the new Star Wars titles immediately. I can't speak for Return of the Jedi because it had been changed from Revenge to Return by the time I was born but I do remember everything after that. Revenge of the Sith was the closest a title has come to a majority liking it. Otherwise, it's always, What the fuck? But it's so...stupid...and WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN???

So, my first thought was...no, it's not but then, @Disney is Tweeting Star Wars: The Last Jedi and that means it's official. This is so much faster than having to wait for the newspaper or Entertainment Weekly to print it.

First of all, the "Last" has such negative connotations that it turned me off. Then, I started thinking about it more.

The Force has with every film been built up more and more like a religion. Han made that off-hand comment about it being "a hokey religion" in Episode 4 but it wasn't until Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that you have people follow the Force without having the Force and not just "May the Force be with You!" but actual trinkets and necklaces to express their faith.

So, it's kind of mixed signals. On one hand, the Empire, much like communism, stamped out religion with an iron fist and the Empire is bad. On the other hand, it has also made pains to show how flawed the Jedi were which begs the question...do we return to the Force as it was under the Jedi or create something new? Something more in between and white like Ahsoka became?

The idea of a religion being transformed into something else or corrupted until it fades away is quite scary.

Then, there's the Ahsoka reference because dammit, she was first! I don't want any sort of Neo-Jedi, grey boundary without acknowledging her. There are still people who don't know who she is!

Everyone kept saying Luke was the last Jedi which again disappointed me. First, because everyone was like...he's gonna die. I had assumed all along, including before last month, that Leia would die in Episode 8.
Second, this disappointed me because Rey is a Jedi, dammit! Saying Luke was the last and implying Rey would be something new felt like all those women hating males won. Plus, Finn is totally Force sensitive, too.

Yeah, it's been a while since I read the opening crawl for Star Wars: A Force Awakens in which they refer to Luke as the "last Jedi".

I also forgot Jedi was plural so it could still mean Luke, Rey, Finn, etc but I'm still...meh.

I feel like it should be more like the end of Dogma when Metatron tells the lead how, "You were the last...now this one is."

Or they could just be trolling us for only having Luke for about 30 seconds with no dialogue in Episode 7. "See, we promise he's in this one. He's the TITLE character!"

Three more months and we'll finally have a teaser trailer.

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