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January 2009-

We finally got a name, Matt Smith. I still find it weird that he's like six weeks younger than me, but I have faith in Steven Moffatt. We got a new president and for the first time ever, it's a president I helped to vote into office, hehe. We ate the special Ben & Jerry's flavor, Yes, Pecan! to celebrate.

February 2009-

It was the last Late Night with Conan O'Brien and we saw Coraline twice.

March 2009-

I did memes and macros and we went all the way to Veterans to see Fanboys, but totally worth it.

April 2009-

My DVR arrived! And we got a new tv.

May 2009-

Fucking fired, but at least, it wasn't my fault. Everyone got fucking fired and restaurant closed down.
21st Century Breakdown by Green Day came out which I loved. I had planned on seeing Green Day in concert...but then I got fired...but someday...
All my concerts since 2004 have involved family members.
Reutimann won a race!

June 2009-

I had Jury Duty and we got weekday passes for Adventure Island. We also went to Ikea for the first time and I attended my first baseball game. Go Rays!

July 2009-

New phone with a camera!!!
Death by Torchwood...Boo!
I also worked on a short film.

August 2009-

We traveled, like to Altamonte Springs mall, Tarpon Springs and Dunedin. We also saw Great Explorations at St Pete for the first time with the fabulous then Americorps employee, [ profile] wheelchairpower

September 2009-

Yay, 9 was awesome! I also started going to the library again and I started posting But Time Didn't Stop

October 2009-

We gave up eating eggs and I became obsessed with Cirque du Freak, reading all 12 books. I got a new computer.

November 2009-

Yankees won the World Series. I got a black belt on Club Penguin and became a ninja. I also read Pirate Latitudes by Michale Crichton.

December 2009-

Yay, we got Disney passes!

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