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Okay, I was just expecting a nice RomCom with James McAvoy and Christina Ricci, but it was more than that. The story kept me guessing with a positive message and without anything objectionable except for alcohol and one one innuendo by Reese Witherspoon. Christina Ricci has always been a favorite of mine, but Reese surprised me; not just her New York accent, but nothing like the normal sweet girl next door she plays. She had a little more street grit to her.

Now, on to the men:


(Takes a moment to drool)

My mom described this as the best James McAvoy performance she'd seen and I concur. Now, I haven't seen Starter for Ten or Rory O'Shea, but so far...strictly filmwise..., my favorite film would have been Narnia where he spends half the movie frozen so this was a great improvement. Not only does he get to be cute, but he gets to be all angsty and an American accent!!!

I had my doubts when I heard the lack of Scottish brogue coming from his lips. When others have attempted the American accent, I have been struck by the overwhelming urge to hit them and tell them to stop it. However, this was not the case here. In all but a couple of scenes, he was dead on as though he'd been born here in the States and not over there.

Just gorgeous with the accent and shaggy hair and well-fitting trousers in one scene...and the piano playing!! I almost forgot about that.

(sighs happily)

There was also Peter Dinklage who I love so much since Station Agent and Nigel Havers who's from my Chariots of Fire and BIG SURPRISE. I didn't know that BURN'S IN IT!!!

Yes, that's right, Burn.

At first, it was just a glimpse: a brief "Wait a minute." Then, it happened again in another scene which I blamed on the delusion of an overly Owen-cized mind thanks to the Martha episodes airing on BBCA, but my mom confirmed what I was seeing with the question, "Isn't that the guy from Torchwood?"

A question she has not asked since I was watching "The Empty Child" on tv. So, it's Burn and he's not playing a cocky Brit!! He's playing a cocky AMERICAN.


It was filmed before first season. Actually, he's in less than a handful of scenes, but I was gleeful about it anyway. Wonder when Ianto...err, I mean Gareth, will be in a film?

(Goes off to squee elsewhere)

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