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I know I already posted the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy but this is explaining why I liked the trailer so much and my thoughts on it. I understand not everyone likes it, but this is my opinion.

I'm using timing from this link:

Chris Pratt in a LONG COAT! I have a thing for long coats. Weakness would probably be a better description from Han Solo to Spike to Scully to Norrington to Balthazar to Crepsley. Almost anyone who wears one is inevitably hot to me. Like I hated the wasted potential of Penelope Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides but damn, did she look good in that coat!

COMEDY! That's what I love most in my space films and the lack of it has meant that I can't watch a lot of space stuff, like The Fifth Element.

Yes, you could compare it with a wrist vortex manipulator or any of a million things, but my immediate thought was that it looked so similar to the Centipede devices that they used on Mike Petersen and others in Agents of SHIELD. Go synergy, go!

John C. Reilly! Because I love him and I watch all of his films eventually, but comedic roles are more likely to earn a cinema trip.

ROCKET! Seriously, this was the whole point to a Guardians of the Galaxy movie; to have Rocket Raccoon kicking ass. Sometimes, I think about how Tolkien wished the trees would be able to fight back against deforestation and I wish animals could talk...
Rocket's origin story is awesome, too. It's all about corporate greed and purposely infantilizing a population in order to make more money off of them.
Yep, we do have a sort of Ent in Groot but he's so much more than that. For one thing, he can change size which hopefully, they'll address in the film.
Rocket also has a girlfriend named Lylla who's an otter. She's also awesome.

80s Walkman bearing 80s music! 80s music always makes me feel warm and comforted.

Because Rocket and Groot are awesome and they look real. I still remember when they would have Pixar shorts on PBS and we were just amazed. Now, you can do literally anything with computer animation.

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I could watch an hour that was solely Karen Gillan being badass and not regret my life decisions.

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