Jan. 18th, 2017

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For those who weren't around, I was one of those original Pottermore winners. For those in the EST zone, I had to available with my computer on in the morning...I felt very sorry for those farther west- 7 am for PST! and win a sort of lottery in order to get my ticket. Then, we had to wait over a month to finally set up our account and everything.

Then, I got stuck on Potions in Chamber of Secrets and visited less and less frequently.

One day, I noticed that it seemed to be closed.

When it reopened, I was told I would have to ReJoin and do everything all over again. I didn't want to. I was afraid that I had changed so much that I was no longer a Hufflepuff and I LOVE Hufflepuff. It's who I am.

Wait, what's this? I can RECLAIM my old information???

Yes, yes, I can!

So I did.

My Ilvermorny house confirmed I might not have been Sorted into Hufflepuff again. When I took the quiz off Tumblr, I got Pukwudgie but my official Ilvermorny house is:


Again, I took a quiz off Tumblr and it gave me a small owl. I was very pleased because small owls are ADORABLE! If it wasn't so late, I would give you photographic proof of this.

The actual quiz was very pressuring. It was timed and if you didn't pick fast enough, it would say things like Dementor could have gotten you! I don't like making fast decisions.

If I can't be an adorable owl, I'm fine with it being a dog. I've always loved dogs. It's even a Scottish dog! On top of that, Scottish Deerhounds were what they used in the films for Sirius' animagi, Padfoot!

Then, I found this:

Those with the dog patronus are very loyal to those they care about, but can vary widely in personality, in extreme ways. Some are the silent type, speaking only to specific individuals and keeping within their comfort zone. They are hesitant in their situations and can seem to be stand-offish or intimidating to some. Others are quite bubbly, speaking to everyone and trying to be friendly and cordial. However when this demeanor is threatened they can become very blunt and harsh, showing aspects of the quieter dogs. The most common house for a dog patronus is Ravenclaw. The most common signs are Sagittarius and Gemini.


The loyal part sure sounds like Hufflepuff to me but then, it claims they're usually a Ravenclaw. However, I am a Sagittarius.

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