Feb. 14th, 2017

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Every year, I watch the BAFTAs hoping this will be the year that Tom Hiddleston will be on the BBCA broadcast beyond a cameo in the background or a shot of him on the red carpet.

Every year, BBCA cuts his presentation.

Except for last year, I didn't watch because its nominations seemed just as unnecessarily Caucasian as the Oscars and I knew Hiddleston was filming the King Kong film in Australia anyway.

This year...I forgot and didn't get home until after 10 PM EST. Of course, BBCA skipped their usual immediate replay of the awards show because this was the year that Tom helped present Best Film so there's no way of cutting that one out.

Here's part of it but I hate missing Tom Hiddleston on my television screen without any effort from me:

Then again, watching La La Land beat Moonlight live would have pissed me off more than reading it later.
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This also happened at the BAFTAs but not televised. I got it off Lin-Manuel Miranda's Twitter; J.J. Rowling and Lin-Manual Miranda!


Also, he has facial hair! I'm excited because I hope this means he has facial hair while filming Mary Poppins Returns because I prefer my men with facial hair especially him. The first time I saw him post-Hamilton I didn't even recognize him!

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